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Advanced Sound & Flash Reduction

Constructed from advanced materials, DefCan suppressors are available for many of the most popular rifle and pistol calibers. Optimized design reduces flash signature and offers phenomenal sound reduction.

Multiple Mounting Options

Included with each DEFCAN is its compatible QD muzzle device with mount options including 9mm or .45 ACP tri-lug adapters, and our 5.56 or .30 cal ZEROED SVD Muzzle Brake (A2 flash hider profile).

Reduced Backpressure System

RBS pistol caliber suppressors vent more gas forward while decreasing backpressure in the operating system. The benefit? Less gas is directed towards the operator while decreasing the amount of suppressor specific firearm/gas system tuning.

HUB Compatible

Have a preferred mounting system you'd like to stick to? DEFCAN bodies are threaded with the industry standard 1-3/8x24 HUB system, making QD mounting system switches quick and painless.

Top Sellers

Muzzle Devices

Legacy DEFCAN Flash Hiders

Defcan Muzzle DevicesCMMG

Compatible muzzle devices for CMMG's next generation DEFCANs.