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Changes to Order Processing

Starting Feb. 17, CMMG will charge your card at the time of order in order to help speed up order processing.

Why the change?
Our old process resulted in fulfillment delays due to credit card companies allowing a 30-day authorization window before expiration. Lead times in the firearms industry far exceed that authorization window, and getting updated payment information has caused many issues. Therefore, CMMG has decided to charge at the time of order starting on Feb. 17, at 12 a.m. EST. 

Returns or cancellations 

Order cancellation and product refund requests are subject to a 15% restocking fee.  All products that are returned as part of a product refund request must be processed through CMMG, Inc.’s Customer Service team as an approved Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and follow CMMG, Inc.’s Lifetime Quality Guarantee.

Sale of items in restricted states

It is the customer's responsibility to know the laws of the states they reside in. If a customer orders any items that are restricted in their state, the order will be automatically canceled and a 15% of the order total fee will be charged to the customer's credit card.



New Products for 2022

On Feb. 17, CMMG is launching a new lineup of firearms, uppers, and lowers for 2022. All Firearms from 2021 are being discontinued. 

What does this mean for your back-ordered 2021 model orders? 
All of our customers with backorders for firearms and parts will receive a series of three emails allowing them to Cancel My Order or Update My Order.  

Update My Order
If you chose Update My Order, you will be required to place a new order on our website using the email address that is tied to your CMMG Account. After selecting Update My Order, you will receive a follow-up email with reorder instructions and be moved into a customer group for an auto-apply discount to use on your new order for the new 2022 model. (Please allow 3 business days before reordering before the auto-apply discount will take effect from the follow-up email with instructions.)

When you place your new order, you will stay in the same production slot as your old order if you reorder before March 20th; no delays will come to your place in line with this change. ALL OLD ORDERS WILL BE CANCELED. Once the new order is placed, please use the new order number when contacting our Customer Service Team with questions or concerns about your order. 

Cancel My Order
If you chose to Cancel My Order, no further action is required. CMMG will cancel your order.  We understand your frustration and hope to be able to serve you better in the future. If you decide to reorder after selecting Cancel My Order, you will be placed in the back of the production line and will not receive the discount code. 
What happens if I do not reply?
If backorder customers take no action on the 3 emails sent, their backorder will be canceled on March 21st 2022. If you have not received an email and you have a backorder, please check your spam folder or contact our Customer Service Team and they will be able to help navigate you through the process. We will also announce this change/update on all of our social media channels and the website. 

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Other Enhancements

New CRM System

CMMG has upgraded CRM systems to better serve our customers, on 3/22/22 anyone that had emailed  prior to this date will receive an email from asking you to reply to an email, this will then create a ticket in our new CRM system to help track and increase customer service response times. This is a legit email and needed to get you into the new system. Anyone that does not respond to this email will not be added to the new CRM software and will not be contacted by CMMG. Below you will find the email copy that was sent to anyone that had contacted CMMG prior to 3/22/22.

"CMMG is upgrading our Customer Service response and tracking system.  This automated message was sent to you as your communication with CMMG is in the queue to be answered.  CMMG is asking you to “REPLY” back to this e-mail to let us know you have received this message.  When you REPLY back to this message it signals the new automated system that you have an active question.  The system will then direct your inquiry to one of our on-site Customer Service team members.  If you do not reply back to this message your original questions and concerns will be lost, and CMMG’s Customer Service team members will not be able to see or respond to your inquiry.  CMMG is making this transition in an effort to become more efficient and to better respond to customer’s questions and concerns.  CMMG’s typical response had been 5 – 7 business days due to the high volume of inquiries.  CMMG’s goal is to reduce that time dramatically, but as with all new software upgrades our team members are still learning how to navigate this new software so response times will improve as time continues.  We appreciate your patience as we transition to this new ticketing system.

Increased Production Capacity
CMMG has started construction expanding our current building to increase warehouse space and house new machinery. This expansion will increase production capacity and also house more raw materials and finished goods. This additional room will increase our outflow of finished goods considerably. This, in turn, means we will be better able to meet increased demands dictated by political or world events that spur an uptick in demand in the firearms industry.

Improved Order Fulfillment
CMMG has also changed our ERP software, which is our inventory and accounting software. This investment will help us to fulfill retail and dealer orders in a more timely manner in many ways. Here are a few examples of how this new software will increase efficiency.

  •  Visibility of demand
  • Better visibility of products on order
  • We will be able to bulk produce liked items - speeding up production considerably on retail orders
  • The software will allow us to better track orders from start to finish to better answer your inquiries about where your order is in the process
  • Allow us to order or produce items based on current and forecasted demand
  • This software and the change to when we charge your credit card will speed the entire order process up considerably, but we are still seeing raw material shortages that are out of our control. Nevertheless, these changes will help once the raw materials are in house.



Q) What are the new lead times on these new products?

  • A) Lead times vary drastically between models and calibers.

Q) I have multiple orders on "Backorder" do I get an increased discount?

  • A) No, we are issuing the same one-time promo code to all customers affected by this change.  Please place a new order and combine all products you have on backorder to the same new order and the discount will apply to the order total.

Q) Where can I check the status of my new order?

  • A) Log in to your account on to see the order status.

Q) Was there an issue with the previous product line that prompted this line change?

  • A) No, like any company, CMMG is always working to improve upon its designs and release new configurations.

Q) What reassurance can CMMG give me that my order will not be canceled again?

  • A) This is a one-time event that is the result of unique factors.

Q) Do I lose my place in line?

  • A) No, if you reorder using the promo code provided before March 20th, we will keep your original place in line.

Q) Will this discount apply to the original price I agreed to or the now more expensive cost of the new firearm?

  • A) The discount applies to the cost of the new firearm.

Q) Will the new product line work with my older CMMG firearms?

  • A) While most items will maintain existing compatibility, you should email Customer Service if you are unsure about compatibility between products.

Q) Why are you canceling my order just to put me on backorder again?

  • A) We expect a much faster fulfillment time following this line change, as this will take full advantage of several significant optimizations we've made both in terms of production equipment and inventory software updates.

Q) I requested to keep my orders a month ago, why is it now being canceled?

  • A) To fulfill your order, it must be updated to our new models so that we have parts to build it. We are just asking you to update your order in our system.

Q) What if I already paid for my order that's on backorder?

  • A) If you have already paid CMMG directly for your order that's on backorder, please email Customer Service to help get your order updated and to take advantage of the discount offer. CMMG cannot control pricing or refunds when ordered through local gun stores, online through another FFL, or distribution

Q) Can I send in my old firearm to get the updated parts?

  • A) No, CMMG cannot retroactively update old firearms with new components. All of these items are available for individual sale on our website, however. 

Q) Will I keep my old order number?

  • A) No, you will be issued a new order number when you make your new selection and place the order, you will receive a new order confirmation email with your new order number.

Q) How do I get a refund for my order that is on backorder?

  • A) If you have already paid CMMG directly for your order that's on backorder, please email CMMG Customer Service to arrange the cancellation and refund. CMMG cannot control pricing or refunds when ordered through local gun stores, online through another FFL, or distribution.

Q) I have one of your old models. Is the warranty still good?